Monday, 10 February 2014

Toddler Shopping Spree!

Henry's finally moving up into 9-12 month clothes so I've been picking up some bits and pieces for him to wear in the coming months. I don't have a huge budget to kit him out as we're down to just my partners income after my maternity pay stopped and I became a full-time student once more. I'm definitely looking forward to going back to working in the summer so we have some more disposable income but for now I'm happily bargain hunting!

My first port of call was GAP. Their sales are brilliant, I have only ever bought one or two things full-price because I quickly learnt that if I did buy something full price it would go in sale two weeks later. Annoying. I find it odd how fast they turn round their kids clothing lines but, hey I'm not complaining!

I got these 6 t-shirts and 3 bodysuits all in the sale in age 12-18 months. Gap unfortunately only do 6-12 and 12-18 months so instead of things barely lasting him I went for the bigger size. I'm loving the boy wonder top, it's my favourite and sums up our little dude quite nicely. I think it came to £24 all together, which is much better then paying the £70+ a few weeks before! Can we say bargain? I think so.

My next stop was Zara where I got this gorgeous tartan coat for £9.99 in the sale,down from £25. I bought it in age 18-24 months, hoping it'll fit him in the Autumn as it's beautiful. It has a fleece hood and body and lined sleeves so it's all snug! I can just picture him tottering round in it outside when we go for walks in the park!

I also couldn't resist these lightning and paw print leggings, we already have some lightning leggings from Zara which I ended up buying in two sizes as I love them SO much. They're supersoft and give him the freedom to move around in unlike jeans. Love leggings on boys! These were £6.99 each.

And on that note, we were in H&M and Henry grabbed these making THE happiest sounds so I bought them.. .Yes they're girls but I think with a plain top and jumper he'll rock them. He loves looking at all the animal faces "dat, dat" at the cat especially! They were reduced down to £3.

So that sort of concludes my little spree for him, I have actually got a few more things I forgot to take pictures of but nevermind!

What have you been buying your little ones recently? Any bargains I should know about?

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  1. All of these clothes are the coolest!! We have a few pairs of leggings from Zara and they are great on, so comfy and the prints are great. What a cool kid he's going to look :-) xx