Saturday, 15 February 2014

13 Month Update

Another month has flown by, this time last month we were celebrating Henry's first birthday... doesn't seem like yesterday!

So, this month has seen A LOT of illness including a bout of D&V, which thankfully I avoided but my partner wasn't so lucky! I had a pile of washing the size of Mount Everest after just one day, it was awful for them and knackering for me. With illness it also saw us in hospital twice. Poor Henry couldn't keep anything down so we went in to get him checked over on the advice of 111 as he'd bumped his head a few days prior and they wanted to make sure it was unrelated. Thankfully it wasn't!

Then this past week he has been quite poorly with a temperature-I was in London on Saturday and it was spiking to over 40 degrees so Loz got him an appointment at out of hours as he had no other symptoms other then his temperature and not being himself. The GP wasn't sure what was wrong so he got him admitted to the children's ward to be reviewed by a pediatrician and for observation (scary). Whilst he was there his temperature got as high as 40.7, which was obviously very worrying. At this point I was on a two hour journey home from a trade show so I was going out my mind with worry, and spent most of the train journey anxiously checking my phone and willing it to go faster. He got seen by a second pediatrician and he too wasn't sure, he had a urine sample taken (no easy feet trying to collect a sample from a baby).
By the time I got to the hospital after practically running home to get nappies we were waiting for a third opinion by a senior pediatrician. I made it to the ward he was on and was let through, they were in the playroom and the relief I felt when I saw him pushing a chair around and playing with another baby was immense. We got discharged later that night with them saying it was something viral and his fever finally broke on Wednesday and he's been back to his usual happy self the past few days. We even went to a birthday party the next day, though he wasn't his usual boisterous self.

So major milestone was WALKING! That's right, he took not one or two steps but five steps! I cried I was so proud of him. This was just before he got poorly, he had started to walk between his Daddy and myself but since he's been unwell he's just wanted a lot of cuddles and to be held close. He is more confident when taking one or two steps now so hopefully now he's better he'll be tottering around before we know it!

The second is clapping! Now, this is something he's never really been bothered with, he can wave and has been high-fiving me for a few months but never really clapped. When ever you say clap now though he'll do it! So funny when he hears anyone clapping on the tv he'll stop what he's doing and do it too.

He's mostly down to one wake up a night and settles really easily, normally by us bringing him into our bed... now he's better though we're moving him into his own room this weekend I think! So we'll see how it goes. Going to miss sleepy snuggles!

Again, being poorly has really put him off his food so he's been having lots of milk and water for fluids but not eating much! Hoping his appetite returns soon!

We have another tooth! It's his top left tooth that's come through and originally why I thought he had a temperature, so he now has two teeth! So strange that we've waited this long for him to have jut one and then they all seem to be coming along at once. The only awful, awful thing that has happened with this is that they're directly in line with each other and he's taken to grinding them against each other. It totally freaks me out, it is an AWFUL, awful sound that makes me want to heave. I'm shuddering just typing it.

He's definitely saying what sounds like "iya dada" when Loz gets home from work. He'll stand at the hatch and go Daaadaaaaa going up at the end like he's asking a question, so Loz feels like he's obligated to go "Yes, Henry?" all the time. Other then that he's just been babbling away--I really feel like when they get poorly they're development slows down a lot so not much more to report, does anyone else feel the same?

Henry's loving his ball pit at the moment-we were very lucky to be given some extra balls for it from a friend and he loves charging into it and throwing them everywhere. He also likes seeing the birds outside on the bird feeder and his pop up tunnel. He also likes shape sorting and this sweet little bear shaped laptop that  he'll insist on opening and closing. And of course, how could I forget to mention his BFF Lambie who goes with him everywhere!

We had him weighed at his dietitian appointment for his milk allergy/intolerance and he was just under 19lbs so still quite tiny for his age and following the 9th centile.

He's been learning to share this month. He'll now give me toys, or feed me food-it's just the sweetest thing. I'll have a little nibble of what he's offering and then he'll take it back and carry on eating before offering it me again. He's also started to bring me stuff like his coat when he's expecting to go out, or occasionally a nappy. Despite being very poorly at points I have loved having my cuddly boy back as usually he's off exploring, although it's worrying and lovely all at the same time. He still needs his Mama when he's poorly (don't we all?) Oh and he mimics me going "tickletickletickle" when I'm doing "round and round the garden" ,he'll wait really apprehensively as I do a dramatic pause and then start going "ickleickleickle". Such a clever sausage.

PS. Has anyone got any good camera recommendations? Looking to invest in a decent dslr!

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