Tuesday, 18 March 2014

14 Month Update

Henry turned 14 months on Saturday so thought I'd do his monthly update! Click below to read about how he's got up to this month!

Walking-absolutely non stop. Last month he was tentatively taking 5 or so steps but since then he has just blossomed with it and is walking 99% of the time now! He's really pleased with himself... you can tell; my sister visited last weekend and he was being a bit of a show off! We even took him to get his first shoes on Saturday as he wants to walk outside now-especially in this nice weather! 


Urgh, don't ask. It's still very hit and miss. He's full of cough and cold so keeps waking due to that and even though he starts the night in his own room and cot, he always ends up in ours by morning! He goes to bed round 7:30 and wakes for the day at 7:00 in the morning usually, with a lot of wake-ups inbetween!

Now he's much better then he was he's back to eating like a champ. He's still quite messy and we're encouraging use of cutlery but he prefers his hands at the moment. Some days he goes all day with out a bottle of milk till bed time, other times he still has one during the day and one before bed, it just depends on how much he's eating of his meals and snacks! He certainly feels so much heavier recently so he must be putting it all away!

We have had two more teeth through-well, the second top one came through pretty quickly and his other bottom tooth is taking it's time but I think I can feel a sharp edge now so that makes 4! Not sure whether it's getting any easier as he does scream the place down at night still but not quite as bad as the first two!

He's added "baa baa" and "uh oh" to his vocabulary and tries very hard with "tiger", "duck" and "belly" though the last three he's not quite there with!

I bought him a new Nuby Monster sippy cup and he loves drinking out of it-I'll do a review soon as I think it's great! Toy wise he's liking his mega blocks and his ball pit still although since he's been walking you'll mainly find him toddling round the living room non-stop and picking random things up as he goes! He also loves clicking light switches on and off!

We haven't weighed him this month but he certainly feels a lot heavier all of a sudden!

We've had quite a few tantrums happening when he doesn't get his own way, like earlier when he was trying to open his nappy bin! It's not proper, proper crying but he likes to have a good wail when we say "No." He's also been quite clingy. It's been a hard month with me having a hand in at uni and he's been either at the childminders or with Loz's parents on weekdays to allow me to get things done which has been necessary but so hard and I think that's made him a bit whingey as he thinks I'm going to leave him again. It's not for too much longer though! Generally he's happiest when both myself and Loz are home and playing with him-weekends are the best!

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