Friday, 15 August 2014

Hatton Country World

A few Saturdays ago we went to Hatton Country World, an attraction based outside the village of Hatton near Warwick. Hatton Country World comprises of Hatton Shopping Village which has lots of independent shops and Hatton Adventure World, which has lots of things to do for children of all ages-from it's very own little farm of animals, to a family theatre, sheep racing and lots of outdoor play equipment as well as a fairly big indoor softplay area which came in very handy when the weather turned against us!

We only went for the afternoon as Henry is still quite young and gets tired out after a few hours (as do we, we're the ones chasing him round!) but despite the weather and us dashing in and out of the indoor play area we had a great time and Henry absolutely loved it-climbing in tunnels, going on a teacup ride, trampoline, digging in a massive sandpit, petting animals including a goat and a guinea pig and running absolutely everywhere. A really lovely family afternoon out and I'm so excited he's now at an age where he can (mostly) have a lot of fun and enjoy things like this!

Henry was fascinated by the guinea pigs and it was great that the wall to the enclosure was low so he could peer in!

Even better was that he was able to have, under supervision, the experience of petting one. He was so intrigued!

Looking at the pigs and pretending to drive a JCB in the giant sandpit.


Lots of sandpit fun! Has made me very excited for a trip to the coast when we visit my parents at the end of the month as the beach will be his biggest sandpit adventure to date!

Milking a cow (not a real one) and flying high on a swing!


 This tunnel was one of his favourite things to do, it kept him entertained for ages going in and out, yelling and stomping and being chased by his Daddy!

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